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The Company

Zeiki Medical’s activity is focused on importing and distributing medical and hospital products, seeking to differentiate itself in attending to the medical class, offering technological innovation, quality and reliability in services and products.

Zeiki Medical incorporates tradition and experience of more than 20 years in the health products market by its Board, providing its customers with adequate technical support and training in the use of the products it distributes.

Through its qualified team, it maintains a policy of close cooperation with Hospitals, Health Insurances, Public Entities and the whole class of health professionals, providing support material and technical support.

Also acting in the input supply in the medical-scientific area with important Research Centers in the Country, it favors researchers’ access to the state-of-the-art products and technology.

Quality, technological innovation, reliability and partnership. This is what Zeiki Medical offers its customers.

Corporate mission:

Promote health and improve the quality of life of patients, providing innovative hospital medical products, and guaranteeing our customers the best services and full confidence.


Consolidate itself as a reference in the provision of services and supply of hospital medical products.


Always do the best and in optimal manner; always ready to contribute to the success of our customers, acting with professionalism, agility and efficiency. 

Ethics and Transparency
Always acting in a constructive and sustainable way, establishing ethics, transparency and trust as principles of relationship between the company and its different stakeholders.

Service Excellence
We focus on achieving the highest quality standards in all the work we do, in a process of continuous improvement, aiming at excellence medicine.

Creativity and innovation
We value proactivity, creativity and shared knowledge as a form of innovation and continuous improvement in the entire process of delivering our services and products 

Quality policy

Zeiki Medical is an organization committed to promoting excellence in the practice of medicine, offering the most modern and efficient products on the market, in terms of high quality products and services and technology. By complying with the quality standards and legislation applicable to its segment, Zeiki ensures the satisfaction of its customers, its employees and adequate profitability for its shareholders. The pursuit of continuous improvement regarding the quality management system and the maintenance of efficiency is achieved through the commitment of the entire organization, in the union of purposes that makes total quality our main goal.

Quality Management

Zeiki Medical is a company recognized for the quality of its products and for having an efficient quality management system, following the Good Practices of Storage and Distribution of Health Products, in compliance with the requirements of RDC 16/2013.


Our mission is to offer the highest level of quality in customer service.

 Our concern with the high quality standard and planning to bring the most modern to serve and serve our customers makes Zeiki Medical a reference company in terms of service quality.

Technical Assistance

A team of trained and highly qualified engineers to support customers. The work processes, the use of original parts and certified tools guarantee reliability and safety of the service provided.

Technical Assistance calls can be made by calling (21) 3613-1616 or by email: [email protected]

24 hours service

Some surgeries have no day or time to happen. Aware of this reality, Zeiki Medical has a team on call 24 hours (evenings, weekends and holidays), through the phones on call: (21) 97286-7059 / (21) 99733-2402.

Technical Team

A team of engineers, product specialists, pharmacists, surgical technicians and nurses are available to support the doctor, hospital, patients and health insurers. These professionals are also responsible for conducting product training for all employees of the institution.


The fleet vehicles are equipped with safety devices, meeting all sanitary requirements and counting on a team of highly trained drivers.

Continuing Medical Education

For us, every relationship of trust begins with a dialogue and the best way to improve our products and services is by listening to you, our customer.

Use the form to send your questions, suggestions or complaints. [email protected]

Continuing Medical Education

Training for surgeons in major reference centers, in partnership with manufacturers and importers, aiming to expand their knowledge and techniques on innovative products


Somos associados aos principais órgãos legitimadores dos princípios éticos e práticas lícitas no setor da saúde, como a ABRAIDI – Associação Brasileira de Importadores e Distribuidores de Implantes e também ao Instituto Ética Saúde, associação que tem por objetivo promover uma cultura ética empresarial que possibilite a geração de ambientes regidos por justa concorrência e transparência, bem como fomentar a ação social responsável e participativa de todos os atores do segmento.